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Getting a traffic ticket is a stressful experience. From the initial encounter with the police, appearing in Court, dealing with potential collateral consequences like a high fine, points, an insurance rate increase, and license suspension to name a few. Odds are that you may never have dealt with anything like this before or if you have it was a long time ago. Once you have gotten over the initial stress of having received a ticket you want to find an attorney that handles hundreds of tickets just like yours every year. Now you can rest assured that you will received the best possible outcome because your traffic ticket will be handled by an experienced and aggressive attorney. And the best part in most instances you won’t even have to take time off of work to appear.

Most traffic tickets can be resolved in a single appearance. If we're able to resolve your traffic ticket in one appearance our fee is only


If we don't reduce or eliminate the points you're charged with we will give you a full refund of your fee.


  • Scott has been there for me over the past couple of years. He was able to get my DWI reduced to a non-criminal offense. Even with that on my history he was able to get two subsequent tickets in different towns reduced, a 6 point work zone speeding ticket reduced to a 2 point non-speeding ticket and a cell phone ticket reduced to a parking ticket. He was even able to offer some advice regarding a civil matter that was spot on. I am so confident in Scott that I have referred several of my friends to him for similar matters knowing they will get the best representation that money can buy, even if you don't have it right away. Scott was sympathetic to my money issues and was able to work out a payment plan. He is a lawyer that cares and works hard to do the best for his clients.

    Mike D.

  • I received two separate tickets for speeding violations and could have lost my license. Thanks to Mr. Russell's expertise the tickets were reduced and I was able to keep my license. He is knowledgeable about the law and professional. I would recommend him to all of my friends.

    Ozzy D.

  • I have worked with Scott on previous matters and have found him to be both extremely knowledgeable of the law in his respective practice areas as well as quite intuitive in knowing exactly what needs to be done in a particular situation in order to best serve the interests of his clients. He is also very witty, easily accessible and well-versed in the specific nuances/procedures of the numerous venues where he appears. Scott is a pleasure to work with and has my full endorsement.

    Daniel Steinbok, Esq.

  • My son received a speeding ticket that would have resulted in several points on his out of state license. He plead guilty without realizing the impact it would have, but thanks to Scott's expertise the plea was vacated. Scott was then able to get the ticket reduced to a non moving violation with no points and a reduction in the overall fine amount.  From our standpoint, the process was turn key - we provided the necessary information to Scott and he handled all the paperwork, meetings etc.  We have clearly benefited from Scott's expertise - Thank you Scott!

    Barbara K. Company Name

  • While searching for an attorney around the Chester New York area to help fight a traffic ticket that could have cost me 5 points.   I discovered Mr. Scott Russell, Esquire of Monticello, New York thru the internet yellow pages.   Scott was eager to help me with my ticket.   I found Mr. Russell to be a caring considerate compassionate attorney. Mr. Russell is also very knowledgeable of the laws and courts in that county.   After meeting and discussing the ticket Mr. Russell explained his plan of action and a fee was discussed and paid.   I felt confident and assured that my driving privileges would be preserved.   I was extremely pleased with my choice in hiring Mr. Russell and I highly recommend him to others in need of a great attorney.

    John B. Company Name


Full refund only applies to traffic infractions, does not apply to:
Crimes (misdemeanors/felonies)
Passing a stopped school bus

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